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I woke up in the morning to see Malachi lying next to me, her eyes closed and a light purring sound as she was breathing in. We decided to buy a double bed and sleep together from now on; she seems to be more comfortable when she knows she is always close to the one she loves. I did not want to disturb her so I just lay there watching her sleep, she always looks so peaceful in her slumber.

Several minutes later she stopped purring and her crystal blue eyes started to flicker open. She looked at me and smiled softly.

"Good morning" she said quietly. "How did you sleep?"

"Beautifully" I replied.

She sat up and reached over to lightly kiss me on the forehead before pushing back the sheets and standing up. I then did the same, pulling back the curtains it was a wonderful crisp frosty morning outside. Malachi took her dark purple gauntlets and slipped them on while I got myself dressed ready for the day ahead of us.

Leaving the bedroom I saw Malachi doing her usual morning stretches on the balcony as she did every day. So I decided to go to the kitchen and make her favourite breakfast, Eggs Benedict. As the eggs were poaching I cut an English muffin in half, it was then I felt a familiar set of arms wrap around my shoulders and chest.

"What are you making?" Malachi asked.

"Your favourite" I replied with a smile on my face.

"Eggs Benedict?" she asked with a very pleased tone.

"Of course" I replied. "It will be done in about five minutes"

"Good, I'll wait downstairs" she said and she kissed me on the cheek.

Leaving me to finish off the breakfast she waited patiently at the dining table. After stacking the muffin, ham, eggs and sauce onto the plates I placed them on the table. Malachi started to eat straight away; I sat down on the opposite side of the table to have mine.

"So how did you sleep?" I asked casually.

"Just fine, that new bed you decided to get is wonderful" she replied while cutting her egg in half.

"What did you want to do today?" I asked.

"Anything you want" she said. "I don't mind what we do. Although might I suggest that we do something that doesn't involve going out too much, it's very could outside" she said before finishing her breakfast rather quickly.

"Ok" I said. "I have an idea"

"What is it?" she asked while crossing her knife and fork to show she had finished.

"How about this for today" I answered. "First we will go for a brisk walk to blow away the cobwebs then maybe a drive around the countryside before maybe playing a game of badminton or something"

"That sounds just fine" she said. "I will go and get the coats"

"And I'll get the NSX out" I said collecting the plates.

Malachi rushed upstairs and I left the plates in the kitchen and then walked through the door into the garage where our cars were stored. Walking down the stairs I then pressed the button on the side and the main door raised up. Then I started up the car we would be using, a dark silver Honda NSX. Starting the engine I slowly moved it out into the gravel path and waited there for my partner. She opened the front door and ran over to the car clutching my Subaru coat and her purple sleeveless jacket, tossing them behind the seats she sat down and buckled herself in.

"So where are we going then?" she asked as we pulled out of the drive.

"I thought that we could go somewhere I haven't taken you to for a long time" I said as I changed from second to third gear.

When we turned a corner we started to drive down an old dirt track, Malachi perked up, she seemed to remember the place. Once we stopped next to some sand dunes covered in tall green Marram grass the memories then hit her.

"This is the place you brought me when we first met!" she said with a very surprised voice.

"I can't think why I haven't been here for so long" I pondered. "But at least it still looks just as quiet as it first did"

Locking the car we climbed over the dunes to get to the wide open beach. One we were at the top everything came flooding back to me, the stormy night when Malachi first arrived and the day after where she transformed into the beautiful creature she was now. We sat down on the soft cool sand and just watched the sea and Brent geese flying past.

"Tell me, what do you see in me?" I asked.

She then looked at me with a very confused expression and said "What do you mean?"

"Well" I said. "I'm a terrible example of a human. When we first met I was not very smart if I'm honest, I wasn't very strong or fit and I'm fairly certain that I'm not very good looking either. Why did you then, fall in love with me?"

She paused for a moment then smiled slightly. "You know what I am going to say. Do you want reminding?"

She was right, I knew exactly what she was going to say but it always made me feel good whenever she says it to me. "You caught me" I said jokingly. "But if you insist, say it again for me"

"Of course" she replied. "It's because we are partners. You cared for me so much and looked after me for so long, after a while I just couldn't help it. Also as for the way you look, it doesn't matter. As long as your personality is good, the way you look has no meaning to me"

I chuckled slightly before speaking. "You never fail to impress me. Sometimes I think I am the luckiest man alive"

We sat on the beach for a good hour or so before we decided to move on. Getting back into the Honda we left the coast and headed back into the town towards the sports hall. We pulled up in the car park and took the gym bag out from the trunk before walking to the door. Entering the building we were instantly greeted by the man at the desk.

We were regulars at the place so we knew the people there very well; booking a court for an hour we then made our way to where they were. Unzipping the bag I took out the rackets and Malachi took off her jacket and gauntlets. She replaced them with some purple wrist bands while I handed her a yellow and black badminton racket.

For the first few serves she played in such a way that I would have an even match but as the game progressed it became harder for me to keep up. By the time the hour was up I had sweat pouring off my brow and I was so out of breath I was ready to collapse. Ren on the other hand was looking completely normal. Slipping her gauntlets back on I collected the gear and we left again.

We took the country roads back so we could enjoy the drive back; the roads were quiet and slightly icy so the rear wheels became very skittish as I flexed the throttle more. One corner I sent the back of the car sliding around till it overtook the front. Recovering from the spin quickly we turned around and carried on moving, this time slower.

When we arrived back I opened the garage doors and reversed the car back to where it was normally parked. Walking back inside we then put the heater on and I started to cook dinner for the two of us. I decided to make a simple pasta dish as I was so exhausted I could not find the strength to make something abstract. After dinner we sat down and watched a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. We lay on the sofa together; Ren had never seen the movie so she just sat quietly with her head on my shoulder and watched. I put my arm around her and placed my hand on her shoulder, I slowly ran my fingers through her soft spikes.

By the time the movie was over I could hardly keep my eyes open so we both decided enough was enough for the day and we had an early night. Closing the curtains I leaped into my side of the bed while Malachi took off her gauntlets and laid them on the radiator before tucking herself in. It was only a few minutes before we were both asleep.
Malachimon has fallen in love with her tamer Kyle after being with him for two years.
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