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As I woke up I looked over to see Malachi still sleeping, her paw resting on my chest. I gently moved it away but she still woke up, she twitched her nose then opened her eyes. She then put her paw back on my chest and said "How are you today?"

"Just fine" I said casually before I then put my hand on her side. I gently stroked her fur up and down, she started to purr slightly and she seemed to enjoy it. Moving my hand around to behind her back I pulled her in close and I we kissed just like the day before but then she started to hesitate. "What's the matter?" I asked.

"Can you hear that?" she asked.

"Hear what?" I said as I listened.

"Did you leave the shower on?" she asked.

It was then I noticed the sound of the plumbing working and running water. I then got up and walked downstairs to the bathroom, slowly opening the door I could see a familiar figure behind the curtain. It was Sapphiremon.

I calmed down and turned to go back upstairs but then I could hear her voice. I looked back into the bathroom and could not believe my ears, she was singing. I recognised the song, it was games without frontiers by Peter Gabriel but I couldn't understand why she knew it. But the thing that got my attention most was that she was singing it beautifully. I never knew that she could sing but it then got me thinking.

Could Malachi sing too?

I then saw her turn the water off so I then shut the door and made my way back upstairs. I got back into bed and Malachi then asked "Did you turn it off?"

"No, Sapphire was using it" I replied.

"That's ok then" she said "Now where were we?" she then added in a feminine voice.

I then put my arms around her and she did the same, she nuzzled my cheek before we kissed. We kept moving in closer the longer we embraced each other. I then remembered what I was going to ask her.

"Malachi?" I said. "May I ask something?"

"Of course" she said.

"This may sound strange but can you sing?" I asked her.

She then looked at me very confused and asked me why I was asking her this. "I was just wondering" I said.

"I don't actually know" she said. "I never actually tried singing before"

"Then try it" I said. "You never know, you might be good at it"

"What shall I try to sing?" she asked.

"Anything you know the words to" I said.

She hesitated at first but then started to attempt to sing for the very first time. The song she had chosen was somebody to love by Jefferson Airplane, she seemed very nervous at first but I could see that she could indeed sing just as well as Sapphire. The whole time I lay there listening to her in amazement until she had finished all she could remember of the song.

We looked at each other for a few moments before she said "Well? How was that?"

"That was amazing" I said. "Your voice is truly beautiful"

"I never thought that I could sing. I never really tried though" she said as she sat upright.

"Well, at least I was right. But now let's carry on with the day" I said as I got out of bed.

I could hear Sapphire walking upstairs and the balcony door open, Malachi left the room to meet her outside. Leaving the bed I made my way downstairs, it was Sunday so it would be a quiet day for us. I walked out the glass doors onto the poolside terrace, I sat down on one of the deck chairs and gazed into the water and reminisced the night before. The time me and Malachi were alone together in the pool was pure bliss for me.

I heard somebody walking down the stairs slowly; I turned my head to see Sapphire carefully balancing on the cane on the steps. She sat down on the sofa and started to relax as Malachi made her way downstairs. She walked out to meet me on the patio, as she walked past she brushed her tail against my chin before she sat down beside me.

"Any plans for today?" she asked.

"Nope" I said to her. "In fact I was too busy just relaxing"

"What a good idea" she said. She then placed her paw on my chest and pushed me back until I was lying down on the chair beside her. I put my hand on her stomach and gently stroked her fur while we lay beside the pool. Spring was not far away so we would soon be spending much of our time outside together. Sapphire then left the house and sat down nearby and asked "What are you two doing?"

We sat up and looked at her for a moment before Malachi spoke. "Just relaxing for a few minutes" she said to her.  

"I found this by the front door" Sapphire said as she took a small letter out from the top of her sleeve. She handed it to me and I look at her confused.

"But, we don't get post on Sunday" I said as I ripped the top of the letter off. As I read what was written on it my eyes shot open, my thoughts went from calm to very nervous.

"What's wrong?" Malachi said as she tried to look at the letter.

"Listen to this" I said nervously before reading out what the letter said. "It's says, I have been watching you for a few days and I know she is hiding there with you. I saw you together and I want to have her back so I can have a talk with her. There is no point in trying to hide Sapphire, I know you are there. Harry"

Sapphire sat there shocked by what she had heard, Harry was the man that had attacked her and now he knew where she was. I tightened my grip on the paper and screwed it up into a ball before dropping it. "How dare he?!" I said furiously.

"What's going to happen to me?" Sapphire said very nervously.

"Kyle, what are we going to do?" Malachi said to me.

"I don't know what to say" I said. "How did he find you?"

"Don't ask me!" she shouted. "I thought you said you were going to protect me"

"We will" I said. "But I just don't know how"

"You can trust me when I say we will make sure you are safe" Malachi said.

"If I see him, I will kill him!" I snapped. I stood up and kicked the scrap of paper over the wall surrounding our garden before marching inside. The thought that somebody was spying on us made my blood boil.
The two vixens have hidden golden voices and they revive a horrible letter.
someoneelsek2 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
,,The thought that somebody was spying on us made my blood boil."

There is a little space object, called: Satellite. It's a very practical device to spy on people :P

"If I see him, I will kill him!"
This Harry guy would be like: Oh, yeah, just run boldly into the unknown. Go ahead, make my day, hotshot :P

Cool story, as always.
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